When one thinks of a kitchen, usually warmth and comfort come to mind. Classic kitchen design beautifully puts together the perfect ambiance with the use of colour, wood and patterns. However, in modern modular kitchens, which follow a more minimalist approach, how does one infuse the room with warmth and cosiness? While it’s true that modern kitchen design uses neutral tones to carry through the minimalist look in other parts of the house, there are so many other elements that one can incorporate to create a functional space that has a cosy environment. Professional interior designers use innovative ideas in the layout, palette and materials used for the kitchen cabinets, dado, counters and flooring to create beautiful spaces with functional features.

An important aspect of modular kitchen designs is the work triangle, which professional architects and interior designers employ when designing kitchens. This involves placing the stove, refrigerator and sink in a layout where they form an imaginary triangle if one were to connect the three elements with straight lines. The triangle arrangement improves the workflow in the kitchen as one always moves between these three points when preparing a meal. Therefore, keeping them accessible from one another without any other element hindering circulation within the space will simplify the process of cooking.

So, how does one create the perfect layout and look in a modern kitchen? We present images of sleek kitchens designed by TheMistris in Noida to provide ideas and inspiration.

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