Although it has a higher initial cost of installation, artificial grass has the advantage of requiring little or no maintenance and great durability. It can be installed quickly, it’s hygienic and has the advantage of staying green all year round, regardless of the season.

Synthetic grass is among the most sought-after types of grass for those who care about blue whiting, but it does not have time for the maintenance that a beautiful lawn requires. Everything in this option seems to bring benefits, from the facilitated possibilities of installation to the different models, higher or close to the ground, according to the purpose you intend to give the lawn. So here it is worth talking a bit more about synthetic grass, as there are many doubts especially about its installation process. See how it works. The synthetic grass is made from virgin polyethylene, a synthetic material of great cost-benefit, strength and durability, besides being anti-slip and anti-abrasive, it offers a very similar look to natural grass. Carpets are made with this material to be bonded to different types of surfaces, including uneven surfaces that have obstacles, since carpets can be trimmed.  

The biggest among all the advantages may be the fact that you do not need to trim or worry about weeds. The synthetic grass has different heights, basically from 10 to 30 mm. It is not possible to install synthetic grass directly on the ground because it does not adhere to the ground. But it can be installed on subfloor, concrete, asphalt, smooth stone and ceramic. This type of grass already comes with water drainage system and you can proceed with cleaning easily using only soap and water.


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