During the process of designing a new home or remodelling an old one, changing the flooring is often one of the priorities as it gets worn out over time. While one might consider the different materials that can be used, the type of floor finishes is not given much importance. However, choosing the right type of finish can complete the overall look of the house, so when working with a professional architect or interior designer, it’s important to discuss the available options as well as the advantages and disadvantages that each one offers.

Every type of material, whether it’s wood, stone, ceramic or vinyl flooring can come in glossy or matte finishes. Similarly, for heavy-traffic areas such as entrance passageways, it’s advisable to use floor finishes that are abrasion resistant. In some areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, certain types of flooring can get damaged if exposed to acid. The climate in the area also influences the choice of the floor finish. For example, a marble floor might feel cool under the feet in a coastal region but is ill-suited for a place with cold climate. A professional can provide the best advice.

How does one decide on the perfect floor finishes? Durability is a key factor for the flooring as it should look good for years. Additionally, one needs the floor to look stylish, besides being maintenance-free, fire-resistant and moisture resistant. Similarly, one should decide between soft and hard floor finishes.

We provide some tips and ideas to help with the process of picking the right one.


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