Since the area available for the wardrobe is limited in most modern bedrooms, one needs to choose a practical design that works well within the area. Even in a larger bedroom, when looking at wall wardrobe designs, it’s advisable to build only as much closet space as one requires so that the bedroom doesn’t lose out on its spaciousness. The first step is to assess or sort through the items that need to be stored in the closet, to get an idea of the number of shelves as well as the amount of hanging space that is essential for the wardrobe. Grouping similar things together, such as dresses or shirts will give a better idea of the number of sections that are required in the cupboard. Don’t forget to leave enough space at the bottom for storing and accessing shoes comfortably.

Shelves are an essential feature in modern bedroom cupboard designs, but one should ensure that the shelves are set at the right height so that they are easy to access. The recommended depth of shelves is 14 inches. Similarly, it’s best to keep the width of the shelf at 12 inches to ensure that only one type of item, whether it’s t-shirts or pants, are stored on it. Having one shelf per category of item will help to keep the closet organized.

Usually, one sees drawers in most wardrobe design ideas, but they significantly increase the cost of the closet. Therefore, one can consider doing away with drawers and placing baskets on a plain shelf for organizing smaller items such as underwear and socks.

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Although the higher shelves in the closet are not easy to access, it’s best to install them as they can be used to store seasonal clothes or other items that aren’t used regularly. For instance, woollen jackets and sweatshirts can be stored away in the higher shelves after winter as they won’t be required for a few months.

When planning wardrobe designs for bedrooms, ensure that the bottom part of the cupboard has space for shoes. This is one area where a drawer is more efficient as it makes it easy to access shoes at the back without bending too much.

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