It’s here! Christmas has come for fans of American Horror Story and it’s time to prepare for the ‘Apocalypse’ as it will be hitting your screens soon.

The FX horror anthology, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, dropped the full trailer for season eight – and it looks like Apocalypse will be scary AF!

As you can guess from the title of the series, ‘Apocalypse’, it’s quite literally the end of the world and we get to see a whole of characters from AHS’s first and third seasons (Murder House and Coven) ‘back with a vengeance’.

Credit: FX

In the video’s opening we hear an ominous message saying: “No need for the news anymore, the chaos has won,” all while masses of people dash between cars – as you’d imagine at the beginning of a typical apocalyptic film.

Just after stars from the 2017 series Cult co-stars Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman appear on screen before Grossman takes off on a doomed plane ride alongside other previous AHS stars, Billie Lourd and Evan Peters, and we get a glimpse of an AHS newcomer, Joan Collins.

Credit: FX

It all really kicks off when in the characters make it through a nuclear apocalypse they end up somewhere called ‘Outpost 3 where it is revealed Sarah Paulson’s Apocalypse character, who is named ‘Venable’, is the leader of a new and sadistic underground world.

‘Venable’ tells her guests a series of rules for ‘Outpost 3’ which include: they must remain inside due to radiation contamination, “no unauthorized copulation” – in her words – and those who don’t obey are punished.

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You can really get excited for some season cross-overs when you see the witches from Coven show up and viewers even get treated to a small appearance from the guy in the gimp suit from <span class=”NormalTextRun SCXW257270603″ “=””>Murder House – we definitely need to know how he fits into the whole thing.

Credit: FX

The trailer gets a truly demonic feel – which AHS wouldn’t be complete without – when during the closing scenes there is a guest appearance from the antichrist, himself, played by show newcomer Cody Fern.

He asks Kathy Bates: “What do you think?” Her response? “Hail Satan.”

We couldn’t expect any less from any of Kathy Bates’ characters, though could we?

While there is guaranteed to be many more plot twists and shocks in store for viewers, this trailer is definitely worth getting excited over.

Especially since we are less than a week away from seeing AHS return to our screens – if you dare watch it.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse debuts September 12.

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