As we mentioned earlier, one should choose the right type of plant depending on the location of the balcony as well as the weather.

Plants for low balconies: Since sunlight is limited in a balcony garden on a lower floor, shade plants are the most suited for them. Besides ferns, orchids, Peperonia, succulents and African violets will work well.

Plants for windy balconies: When a balcony is located in a place with strong winds, then the type of plant should be able to withstand those conditions. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid plants with a thin stem that can easily break. Among the best choice of plant species for such balconies are succulents, crotons and cacti.

Balcony gardens with ample afternoon sun: In this type of balcony, plants that handle the harsh sunlight are ideal. Bougainvillea and geranium are the best plants for sunny balcony gardens.

Plants that require morning sunlight: The early morning sun is much milder than the afternoon sun, so flowering plants that require partial shade will suit these spaces well. Peace lilies, anthurium and begonia, are the perfect species for these gardens.

Enclosed balconies: In the case of covered balconies, air circulation can affect the plant growth. However, one can use indoor plants that not only thrive in such conditions but also purify the air in the balcony. Spider plant, English ivy, aloe vera and azalea are among the plants that can be used in enclosed balcony gardens.

It’s advisable to get help from an expert before choosing plants for the balcony.

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