Every house can benefit from blending with nature, and in the current urban environment, there’s no better way to achieve this than with internal gardens for modern Indian homes. Besides adding a stunning feature to the interiors of the house, an interior courtyard garden provides a relaxing retreat where one can refresh one’s energy amid the soothing greenery. In modern Indian homes, it’s easy to incorporate an internal garden seamlessly with the help of glass walls, sliding doors and retractable ceilings.

For houses, if one wants specific designs such as interior courtyard designs – Kerala style, with a traditional courtyard around which all the rooms of the house wrap, it’s essential to incorporate it into the model at the time of planning the house. Of course, it’s possible to install simple indoor gardens even in small apartments.

It’s always advisable to consult a professional to get more ideas on what can be done to optimise the garden area within the limited space. Today, we present some fabulous indoor garden ideas that can be perfectly adapted to suit any modern house or apartment in India. These include extensive courtyard gardens as well as simple Japanese indoor garden designs, depending on the available space as well as the budget.  

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