Last but not the least is wall paper. It can add style to almost any space. In a pooja room, one can choose between patterned or textured wall paper on the background of the idols to create a pleasant contrast. Alternatively, one can find wall paper with religious images to adorn the walls and enhance the ambiance of the room.

Pooja rooms are sacred zones. Therefore, no one wants them to look dull or shabby due to finishes and the design not living up to their expectations. That’s why we recommend that homeowners should consult a professional interior designer to ensure that the décor and style of the room are impeccable. Additionally, with the wide variety of materials that one can use for adding decorative elements to the pooja room walls and ceilings, it can prove confusing to narrow down on the ideal one. The professional will provide advice about the pros and cons of using each material to make the decision easier.

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