For homes with small living rooms, decorating the area to make it appear stylish can be quite challenging. Adding too many elements will clutter the room and make it look cramped, whereas too few accessories will give it a dull image. A simple trick for making a small living room appear larger than it is, is to increase the brightness within the area. If the living room has a nice view, opening out the curtains or replacing the doors with modern sliding glass doors can optimise the light in the room and make it look more spacious than it is.

In case the living room doesn’t have enough natural lighting, artificial illumination can be used to create a focal point and enhance the brightness of the space. Choose lighting fixtures that suit the overall living room décor style. An antique crystal chandelier will be perfect for a classic living room, whereas a less decorative design will suit a modern one.

While choosing artificial lighting sources, a combination works best for controlling the brightness in the room. Besides a focal lighting fixture such as a chandelier, table lamps or LED lights built into the ceiling panel can create the desired look.

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