Why have a smooth and basic wall when we can easily apply rich texture to add a little more oomph to the walls and give a different vibe to our environment. There are several ways to remodel an environment without having to raise a lot of dust or without going into a hefty renovation and spending too much.We can change some furniture, decoration and of course, the colors of the walls. But there is more. We can also add graffiato texture to the walls, which is one of the most economical alternatives for coating walls. Graffiato texture can be applied on many different surfaces and dries very fast.Another advantage of this type of texture is that it is washable, thus facilitating the entire cleaning process.

How to make graffiato   

Grafiato can completely change the face and the style of an environment, giving a rustic and at the same time elegant touch to the space. This is because graffiato is a type of texture that creates a groove appearance on the wall and can be made with running dough or with mortar. In addition, you can choose different weight levels, from the thinner ones that leave softer and even deeper scratches for a more striking style. Everything will depend on the environment where the graffiato is applied and its style of decoration. In addition, this type of texture can be applied to both internal and external walls. 

Many suppliers sell the dough for graffiato texture already ready. If you are not doing the texture yourself and are counting on the  work of a professional  to carry out this process, it is worth consulting an expert before you purchase the materials and products.


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