If you have an old glass cabinet at home and are wondering if this piece of furniture is still used in modern homes, the answer is yes. It’s okay that glassware is no longer as important as it used to be, but it’s still an interesting piece of furniture to include in the overall décor.

Antique glass cabinets are those made of wood with one or two glass doors. There are also models with sliding glass. They arrived in India at the time of the colonial period, symbolizing wealth. Glassware kept the most exquisite china and crystal, for the glass doors allowed these objects to be seen and admired. This still remains the function of the glass, but over time it has been paginated, gaining more modern models, new colors and materials. Now, as there is no longer the habit of collecting refined crockery, the glassware also stores drinks and various decorative objects. It’s really up to you to choose what to keep. So if you have a cupboard inherited from your grandmother, you can quietly insert it into the décor of your dining room, living room, kitchen, bar or party area. If it does not match the style of the environment, you can sand it and  paint it another color. You can make it colorful, neutral, modern or retro. There is no shortage of options and that’s why this book of ideas aims to inspire you with decorating projects that include glassware. Take a look and see which model most closely matches the style of your home.

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