Think about where to store each category of items

The final step before deciding on the right type of kitchen cabinet storage solutions is to plan where to store each category of items. This is a vital step of the process, but it will ensure that enough space is allocated for every type of kitchen item. Depending on the number of utensils, one might need to separate them into two different shelves or drawers with daily use pots and pans near the stove and others in a unit that is in another corner.

Similarly, the cutlery and crockery that is used everyday can be arranged in the top tier of the drawer, whereas spoons, ladles or other tools that are used only once in a way can be secured in the bottom tier.

Think about where you will keep the spices, seasonings and oil bottles. Is there space to store them in a pull-out drawer near the stove or do you need to install a wall organiser with racks to keep them accessible while cooking?

Last, but not the least, have a clear idea of the type of pantry unit you will need in the kitchen. A tall unit with pull-out drawers or racks is ideal, but if the kitchen area is small, you might have to make do with storing them in the over-counter cabinets.

Working with an interior designer will make it easier to choose the right type of kitchen storage cabinets.

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