The simple and functional way of living that the Japaneseculture presents is also presented in their connection with nature. Japanesehomes often have designs that connect the inside of a house with the exteriorseamlessly. This connection with nature is also present with their use ofcleaning supplies. Vinegar is a popular choice of cleaner for theenvironmentally aware Japanese people. Vinegar can be used to clean anyroom in your home. Use vinegar to clean kitchen cutting boards, toilets, in thelaundry instead of fabric softener and on glass tables to keep them streakfree. Vinegar can also be combined with other household items such as bakingsoda to remove odours and to clean tougher areas of the house such as ovens andlaundry areas.

Japanese culture has a reputation for simple and functional living. It is seen as the essential minimalist lifestyle. In our busy modern lifestyle of excess, we can always learn a thing or two from the Japaneseminimalist style. One of the best areas we can learn from is cleaning. TheJapanese way of life encourages a tidy, organised and clean house. We can adoptthis style in many ways; declutter our houses by removing all our belongingsand throwing out unused items before cleaning, clean our homes from the topdown and from the back forward, respect our possessions by gentle cleaning andnatural, non abrasive cleaning products. These are just a few Japanese cleaningtips. For more inspiration see the Best Tips on how to Clean your Home Like Magic.

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