One of the main factors to be considered before deciding to install a suspended ceiling in an area is whether it will look good once it’s finished. For instance, in a room with a low ceiling, dropping the ceiling height further might give the room a cramped feel.

Besides this, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider before taking a decision.


· It helps with sound insulation and is ideal for a party room or a media room, where one needs to keep the loud volume from disturbing the neighbours or other family members.

· Since the false ceiling creates compartmentalisation in the area, it improves the fire resistance of the room.

· It improves the aesthetics of the room by concealing wires and ducts.

· It’s cheaper to install than standard roofing material.


· One of the main disadvantages of floating ceiling installation is it tends to gather dust between the ceiling and the panel, which cannot be cleaned easily.

· Additionally, pests can infest the gap between the ceiling and the panels.

· Since the ceiling is lightweight, one should be careful when suspending items from the false ceiling as it cannot bear heavy loads as a regular ceiling can.

· Since it decreases the height of the room, it can make the area look smaller than it is.

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