When we think of marble, we imagine large roman baths, castles, and luscious extravagant palaces. Our minds drift to historical mansions of the elite and upper-class, where no expense was spared, and a resulting marble overload, although breathtakingly magnificent to witness, feels colossal and cavernous within. Perhaps we think of tacky marble usage, where the stone is exploited from ceiling to floor, lining corridors, and huge pillars reach upwards into yet another large marble overhanging balcony. Whatever your opinion on marble, there is no denying its ability to infuse a sense of opulence and magnificence into any home space with ease. Marble is making a comeback in the realm of interior design, but instead of lavishly overcooked interiors, it’s being utilised subtly and with restraint.

So, how to integrate marble into your home? The key is to keep it restricted to small touches and hints within the domestic space—take a look at the following examples of marble tables and see how you can utilise marble in a way that is subtle, refined and timeless.

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