In the bathroom we must merge both practical and functional aspects with the beauty of the space. To make a small or large bathroom look beautiful, the first thing you need is to be well organized, so we have to resort to certain furniture that allows us to keep all kinds of toiletries and personal grooming accessories that we usually use in this room such as towels, soaps, makeup, etc.

As for furniture for small bathrooms, the challenge comes when our bathroom is a few square meters and we can not incorporate any furniture: Thus, furniture for small bathrooms must be multi-functional.

In general, the furniture for bathrooms must have a design that allows them to be incorporated into the spaces that are available to us, such as walls or corners. In addition, furniture for small bathrooms should take advantage of the empty spaces below other essential elements such as the sink.

 In today’s idea book, we will look at some furniture ideas for small bathrooms, through the images of the projects of our professionals, in which we hope you will find your source of inspiration.

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