We barely notice them, but guardrails are an important barrier which stands to protect us from certain danger and probable accidents in home. Usually, they are designed to be waist or chest high to ensure the safety of residents in higher floors, or may be to prevent or deter unwanted intrusions and little bit of privacy in terracebalcony or any open spaces of our home while allowing light and visibility to visit the home freely.

Often we confuse them to be the same, but guardrail is very different from handrail or parapet. Handrail is generally a structure built on the side of staircase or ramp so that people can take its support while climbing up and down. Guardrail when fixed next to a handrail is mainly to enhance the aesthetics of the space or add some protection in the home with children around. Parapet is also very different from guardrails in its construction and structure. It is wall built of brick, stones or wood from floor to ceiling making it a wall whereas guardrails are not built to make a wall out of it. It covers only the half of the vertical structure leaving the other half open for view.

So now with clear ideas about what guardrails are, today we have brought for you different designs of guardrails specially created by homify professionals for you to get inspired. There is no dearth of materials for guardrails. The only thing is that you will have to choose the best that will be in sync with the style of your home and merges with the décor of the home to enhance its aesthetics. Check out the designs and materials of the guardrails and find out how to implement them to make a perfect guardrail for your home. Have a look!


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