Cement floors are a great choice for almost any part of the home, especially for outdoor areas. It can be customized and provides a great alternative to replace traditional flooring such as porcelain, wood, stone or marble. Color options, textures, patterns, and finishing options can be used to combine unlimited design possibilities. 

In addition, the cemented floor is extremely durable and easy to maintain. If your home or business has concrete flooring, applying a decorative treatment is an affordable and environmentally friendly option. Cement floors also have a wonderful texture—the floor appears to contain layers and provides the feeling of depth. It has the industrial design look that is very popular in design projects, moreover, the cost benefit is quite attractive. 

One of the key benefits of decorative cement flooring is its accessibility when compared to other options, especially if you already have a concrete floor that is ready for staining, polishing or coating application. The cost per square foot for a basic concrete floor is comparable to low-cost vinyl, carpet or tile. Medium-range designs are comparable to laminate, wood and more expensive tiles. More sophisticated designs are almost equal to slate, stone or marble. 

Thinking of you who are looking to find out more about cement flooring and options for  paving stone and cement , we have created this idea book containing important information and images of environments using this beautiful coating. Check it out!

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