Variety: The variety of finishes, models and dimensions of aluminum frames allow the architect to creatively explore its combination with other elements of the facade, and design pleasant, well-lit and well-ventilated environments.

Durability: aluminum frames have a determining factor when choosing the material: durability and resistance to corrosion and sea air. These points increase demand in coastal areas with a lot of pollution, and are attractive for those who do not want to have to spend time and money with regular maintenance, and look for a material with great durability.

Cleaning: ease of maintenance is also a big plus point for aluminum frames, since cleaning can be done with water, mild soap and dry cloth. 

Valorization of the property: for its great durability, low maintenance cost, performance, functionality and aesthetics, aluminum frames value the properties where they are used.

Normatization: The adequate structural behavior of aluminum frames can be guaranteed by analyzes and tests carried out before the final specification of the frames. 

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