Turning a house into a home requires a great deal of work. The people, the things and the ambiance; when all combine, they together lend a harmony and energy to their surroundings. The effect of energies is well entrenched in many cultures. In the the Hindu culture, it is an elaborately documented and time tested subject referred to as Vastu Shastra. 

As per Vastu Shastra, all the above elements have their own and combined energies. Any disturbance in the harmony of these energies can have ripple effects on the well being of the occupants of the house. Enhancement of positive energy and lessening of negative energy is the aim and Vastu principles have specific guidelines on to how, where and what must be planned in terms of design and architecture of the house to achieve this. Room planning and placement of furniture even is recommended in specific detail.

If you are in the process of construction of a new house or decorating an existing one all by yourself or hiring a professional, include these simple tips and you will witness a definitive change in your lifestyle.

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