The entrance holds an important place in our home. It is the face which makes an entryway for all, whether it’s our guests, family or energy of the universe. In modern homes especially the urban ones or small houses, the entrance space doesn’t have a defined hallway or corridor which paves an entry way of the home. Still the effects of entrance, positive or negative, are very powerful in our home and eventually on the inhabitants residing in the home. Apart from it effects, the aesthetics of the entrance have an impact on the mind and soul of the people entering or existing through it. So it is important to design and decorate the entrance in such a way that it welcomes positivity, blocks negative energy and attracts good luck and fortune inside your home.

Keeping these things in mind, today we have brought for you 6 Vastu tips for your home. Follow the professionals and transform the entrance of your home into a magnet pulling positive vibes and happiness. Have a look!

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