When you interact with a single professional, whose contact you received through word of mouth, the number of ideas that he can provide will be limited to a certain extent by his vision and experience. Additionally, in the case of a complicated design, where he needs the expertise of someone else, you would have to trust his judgement in working with an expert he knows. In comparison, on a portal such as homify, which has hundreds of professionals listed on it, the number of ideas and resources that one can access is almost unlimited.

While you might feel that you can get the same information from a group on Facebook or LinkedIn, the difference is that on a specialist portal, the content is structured and organised so that you don’t have to wade through innumerable posts to find the relevant solution. For example, if you have a question about the role of interior design in architecture or want ideas on how to decorate a small home, browsing through the magazine or the images in the rooms section on the portal will provide all the information you need. The advantage of having all the solutions and information accessible in one place is that you can hire different professionals for specific tasks such as landscaping or kitchen planning, in addition to the regular architecture and interior design services.

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