Windows connects the inside of the home with the outside world. Apart from bringing in airy freshness and warm sunlight to ventilate the space, it also decorates each and every room of the home. The openness it brings cannot be achieved with doors due to security reasons. With window what we get inside our home is the tension free brightness and fresh energy which can be controlled as per our comfort and command.

However, every coin has two sides. With immense benefits, windows can become a trouble point in home especially if it is of our bedroom. We cannot avoid having windows in bedroom. But sometimes it can become challenging to accommodate and reap the benefit of windows in the bedroom. It might be aesthetically disorganized or placed in ways making it difficult to arrange the bedroom furniture. The professionals of Homify understand your problems and are committed to solve it. So today we brought for you 15 different styles of placing bed in or around the windows of the bedroom and make it functionally useful, secure and cozy. Have a look!

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