Rich the Kid left fans concerned for his safety following a series of troubling posts on Instagram.

The rapper deleted every post on his Instagram account, leaving just one that reads: ‘R.i.P. Rich the kid 1992 – 2018.’

He captioned the image: ‘Thank u all my fans and family for everything’.

Rich the Kid’s post came three days after he posted a video slamming his label, 300 Entertainment, and pleading to be let out of his contract.

‘Yo, f**k 300 ENT, y’all suck,’ he said in the clip. ‘Listen, you gotta let me out of this contract. I don’t want to be with y’all no f**king more. I told y’all…giving this money back.

‘I don’t want to be with y’all label no more. Y’all suck, y’all is trash. Listen, young, independent artists, do not sign with 300 ENT. They’re the worst, worst label, ever. Lame a** s**t.’

Just over a month ago, Rich the Kid was hospitalized after an armed robbery at girlfriend Tori Brixx’s home. He and Brixx were taken to seek medical treatment.

So what’s going on with Rich the Kid? Here’s the 411.

Who is Rich the Kid?

Rich the Kid — real name Dimitri Leslie Roger — is a tapper, born on July 13, 1992 in New York City. He’s of Hatian decent.

When he was 13, Rich the Kid’s parents divorced. He moved to Woodstock, Georgia with his mother.

He signed with Interscope Records in June 2017 and released his debut album, The World is Yours, on March 30, 2018. He’s worked with Fetty Wap, Ty Dolla $ign, Rich Homie Quan, Young Dolph, and more.

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Rich the kid was married to a woman called Antonette Willis, whom he had two children with. His wife filed for divorce in March 2018, seeking full physical custody and spousal support.

She accused him of cheating on her with Blac Chyna and India Love. She also claimed he was abusive to her and regularly forced her to have abortions.

Rich the Kid dead?

Rich the Kid left fans concerned that he’d died after posting a cryptic text post on Instagram that read: ‘R.i.P. Rich the kid 1992 – 2018.’

He hasn’t returned to Instagram, Twitter or any other form of social media since then. His camp hasn’t weighed in on whether he’s alive or dead.

No reports have surfaced indicating that the rapper is dead, however.

When did Rich the Kid die?

At this time, it hasn’t been reported that Rich the Kid is dead. It’s merely a theory based on a recent Instagram post from the rapper, in which he wrote ‘R.i.P’ and included the year he was born along with the current year.

Did Rich the Kid get shot?

Rich the Kid was injured in an armed home invasion at girlfriend Tori Brixx’s home in June, however, he’s not believed to have been shot. The rapper was photographed in a hospital bed, but the photos don’t make it clear what injuries he sustained.

At the time, TMZ reported that Rich the Kid was discharged from the hospital not long after he was admitted.

Rich the Kid name change

While some think Rich the Kid’s recent rest in peace post was an indication that he’d died, others believe it could signal the death of his rap name or the end of his career in music.

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This is merely speculative at this point.


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